Home at last…

At 10 am I left Grand Rapids to pick up Anneliese in Muskegon….

At 11 am I left Muskegon and drove  back to Grand Rapids….

At 115 pm I drove 2.5  hours to Detroit for Olivia’s four pm basketball game…

At 515 pm I left Detroit and drove 2.5 hours back to Grand Rapids….

At 830 pm I left Grand Rapids to meet Janneke in Coopersville to get Anneliese back to Muskegon…

Totals for the day: 7 hours and 40 minutes of driving for a one hour basketball game

And perhaps you wonder why….

It is the type of thing that in my head, my logical thinking, I would wonder why I might do that as well. It is in my logical thinking that it feels a bit nutty….

But in my heart, I know the number one reason why I did it…because of these two girls who love to see one another and who delight in any chance they get to be together…

I want to be an Aunt who encourages the friendships of cousins….I will do whatever I can…and in the meantime I enjoyed a day with Anneliese and my Mom and enjoyed an hour with my brother Len and my sister-in-law Marcia and loved watching Livi play basketball! So, although it is great to be home at last….it was a day well spent!


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