two boys, a girl and a dog

I took the day off to get some things done and while the sky is blue and sun is out thought I would also take Dutch to the park.  We set out to Wilcox park which is across the street from Suzi and Andy’s new house. Now, although Dutch likes Suzi and Andy, she is most enthralled with Peter, Isaiah and Johanna. I opted to park up the road about four houses since I knew they were not home. I let Dutch out and headed towards the hill to throw her ball.

Dutch was off and running as soon as we were out of the car. She ran across the street (not a busy one), past four houses  and sat on the porch at the Bos home. It was as if she was saying to me she just wanted to see if the kids could come out to play.

It was a sweet moment and a made me realize what a great arrangement we have….

Andy and Suzi provide the kids…

I provide the dog…

And everyone is happy!

Life doesn’t get much better than that!

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