Joy (and movement) on the journey

Hey there, my friends. This is one of those check-in blogs.

I committed to blogging every day in 2021. I want to write about whatever is resonating in my heart at the end of each day. Sometimes I sit down to write, and I have to wait and see where I land. Sometimes I think throughout the day about something that I could write about as it is unfolding. And sometimes, at the end of the day, I forget what that great idea is!

This morning I received a notification that I am on a 59-day streak! Thank you to those who continue to check in to read my musings. But what struck me in that is, wow, 59 days into 2021 already. I began to think about what I am hoping for this year and have not yet given time to allow it to unfold.
I am often struck by my reflection at the end of any given year. There is always so much to be grateful for. There is still places where my heart ached for myself or someone I love. There are always memories of laughter and time with my family. Often, I realize at the end of the year that I can not name a lot of areas where I saw growth because of a commitment to daily discipline.

I believe there are lots of different reasons for this. Some are personality and how people choose to live. Some are strategies and what is implemented. Often my areas of intention are in relationships, and I celebrate that strength in me.

This morning, I was struck by day 59, and I began to consider where I have not yet made an intentional movement towards what I hope for 2021. I want to cook more meals and eat more greens. I sat down tonight and found a few recipes I want to try with various veggies in March. I want to find 2 or 3 favorite recipes each month and in December spend time cooking the ones I really enjoyed.

I have not spent time on my own emotional journey like I want to in 2021. I believe that we can always work on understanding God, ourselves, and others in new ways. I am not unhappy emotionally, and I want to grow in my insight and understanding. I was able to tell someone today how refreshing it is that my journey is personal but not private. There is no shame in saying that I would like to find a counselor and spend some time twice a month being curious and dialoguing about my strengths and struggles.

I am looking forward to Spring. Willa and I plan to bike to work most days. I decided that is a Springtime goal to venture into. Not sure I am rugged enough yet for cold-weather biking.


And so I wonder what your thoughts are as you think about the first 59 days of 2021. It is easier to name things we feel good about sometimes than be honest about what we yet need to move into.

I write this to encourage you to name a few things, be specific, be intentional, and be creative. Life is too beautiful to let it pass us by. Take time to marvel at all that is good and dare to move into the spaces that need nurture, curiosity, change, or truth. I believe in you,

Blessed be His name,



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