My talking shoe…

Tonight I wore my new funky tennis shoes. They seem a bit bold to me, but I opted to not think about it too much and just purchase them. The reason I was drawn to these shoes is because they are the kind that have the Nike – Ipod chip and I was ready for something new to work with while working out. I need to take some time to learn all the features, but tonight I had to smile while working out.

I have been doing interval training and tonight I had a new energy for these bursts of running. The energy came once my shoe started to talk to me. Now, the shoe itself isn’t talking, but via the chip to my ipod and into my headphones, I am told how many calories I have burned, how many miles I have traveled and how long I have been running. I was so inspired that my interval run burned 50 calories, that I thought. I am doing that again, and then again, and again and again…

I realize that I am a person who craves feedback. It comes in simple and funny ways through my shoes and it comes through sacred moments in Grace Groups. I am blessed with friends and family who provide me honest and supportive feedback. I have to say that during the journey to my heart, I have learned to value what others think and feel. I did not always have the desire to receive feedback.

I wonder if you have people who speak honestly into your life? I hope that I am always willing to hear what others have to say and use the feedback offered to me to propel me to be more of the woman God has created me to be. (or to burn more calories in the event my shoe is talking to me!)

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. I have the same pair!!! (well, atleast will in 2 days when they arrive via UPS!) My aunt sue bought me the nike+ sportsband for christmas (she got one for herself too) so we can start logging everything and getting ready for fitness north. (just a few weeks until we go!) I’ve been using the band as a watch and timer so far, since I didn’t have my nike + shoes to put the sensor in (I obviously have plenty of other gym shoes, just not the ones for the spiffy

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