Angels abound…

Day in and day out I am aware that I have excellent caregivers, but on certain days, I am amazed beyond belief. I spent most of today making calls to clients who have visits tomorrow and discussing plan A and plan B. We have some clients who MUST have a visit, so we started making a list and calling their caregivers first. The first call to Ellie and she assured us she would walk the 3/4 of a mile to her client’s home twice tomorrow if need be. Two caregivers are spending the night at my home so they don’t get stuck at home in Greenville and White Hall tomorrow. Another caregiver said she also will walk to her client’s home, because she reminded me, “he just can’t stay in bed all day.” I ran the mapquest and that walk is 2.4 miles…

I am grateful for the men and women who will go to serve the needs of others during the Blizzard of 2011.

I am grateful for those who are keenly aware of the needs of others, and set their own needs (and comforts) aside to enter into another’s world.

I am grateful for those who admit to their need for assistance. Although it is not always easy, what a blessing to know your caregiver will travel like a postman to come see you.

I am grateful….just plain grateful…for God’s provision at Visiting Angels of West Michigan. Provision of excellent Angels who love people well.

Stay safe and warm during The Blizzard of 2011. (and don’t forget to check on the elderly to ensure they are safe and warm)

There are often people nearby who want to pull you up when you reach out. These are your angels-in-waiting.
— Author Unknown

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  1. Hmmm, I guess I became so wrapped up in my own cancelled plane trip, that I didn’t think about mom being cared for! I stopped to see her before I was supposed to leave though – so does that mean I’m not such a bad daughter?! Wondering about her caregiver… I guess the morning will tell. She will be OK….

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