Tribute to livi lou


Dear Olivia Grace,

I can’t believe today you are 14 years old. I love your heart, your passion, your compassion, your drive, your smile, your energy, your positive thinking, your ponytail, your creativity, your athletic ability, your courage, your laugh, your love for your family and your interest in helping those who have less than you do.

God has gifted you with a big and sensitive heart and I believe you will make a big difference in the lives of others. I love how you are curious about your faith and that you want to experience God in your everyday life. I am so very thankful that God chose me to be your aunt and my life is enriched by you. It is my hope and prayer that you will continue to learn about your amazing beauty and that you will be loved, cherished and adored even more than you love, cherish and adore others!

And so Livi Lou, continue to stand tall and lead your friends in amazing ways. Continue to learn new things, risk in new ways and make bold decisions! Take time to be kind to yourself and know it is ok to enjoy a day of doing nothing at all. Ask for what you need and remember I love you so much and hope and pray that this year will be one where you feel fully alive!

I love you tons and tons….forever and ever!

Aunt Trish



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