How badly do I want it…

I have been struck lately by all the factors that must come together at the same time for me to reach my weight loss goal. I am more and more aware that this journey is less about the scale and more about the shaping of my body, heart and soul. I am learning about my self-control, self-discipline, self motivation and so much more. The need to set a goal, outline a plan, plan for the plan, stick to the plan and adjust the plan as needed is an amazing process. I am learning that the focus and energy required is something I must regularly recommit to.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am doing well since my return from Fitness North. I am consistently losing weight and learning about my new routines and habits. I realize it is difficult to push myself as hard as I worked at Fitness North. I realize it is easier to choose not to work out than to work out. I often think of the message from Fitness North…DEVIATION FROM THE PLAN IS NOT AN OPTION. And yet I make it an option. I am going to recommit to that today. To not deviate from the plan, because I have my eye on a prize. The prize I am longing for is to be fit, healthy and active. I am closer today than I have been in a long time. I am happy to say that, but I must stay focused and committed. I must stick to my plan.

I wonder if you have set a goal you are going to reach in 2011. O’Neal Hampton reminded us that a vision without a plan is an illusion. Does your vision have a plan? Does your plan have action steps that you can take? Have you asked a good friend to hold you accountable. Keep your eye on the prize and start moving in that direction. I would love to celebrate with you. I plan to have lots to celebrate this year. And celebration is always more fun with others!

Ask yourself “how long am I going to work to make my dreams come true?” I suggest you answer, “as long as it takes.” (taken from The Human Spirit)

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