The delight of anticipation

Last week I spent an evening with my great-niece. She is not yet two, but she is so amazingly aware of all that surrounds her. I took this series of pictures. Over her short life, she has come to anticipate and love when her Papa and Beppe move towards her with the cloth to clean her up after a meal.

I watched this unfold, her anticipation, squeals, how she awaited the predictable and yet delighted with her whole body in the fun of getting cleaned up, I began to reflect on anticipation.

I believe as we get older, we minimize or become numb to anticipation in many ways. Life is busy and somehow we lose the delight of anticipation. We just take it as it comes. There isn’t as much that captivates us anymore, it seems!

But when I saw the delight and felt the joy that sweet Frankie experienced in this straightforward and routine exchange of getting cleaned up after dinner, I committed to paying more attention to anticipation in my world.  I have noticed this week that to tune into anticipation, I am slowing down and considering what I am looking forward to and what I hope for in the events that fill my day.

Not everything feels squeal-worthy but just keeping this picture nearby reminds me that it doesn’t have to be an extra special something. Likely there is the thrill and delight of anticipation in many everyday happenings.

Thank you, sweet girl, for inspiring my soul!

Blessed be His name!

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