I am the Church, you are the Church…we are the Church together!

Today I had a delightful visit with a couple from my church. We met to discuss their current situation. We had an excellent conversation around their strengths and struggles, their abilities, and where they feel weary and honest conversation about what they fear most!

Life has been good to my friends. Sometimes entering your 80’s brings hardships in health. They are now facing this reality, yet in all of our honest conversations, they focused on what they can do and where life remains good.

Perhaps most encouraging to my soul is how often they said our Church has been so good to us. Our Church shows up for us and the beautiful balance of how people have shown up to be present in some instances, and in others, they show up to complete tasks. It takes all kinds, and both are so important!

As they named the names and I envisioned the faces of those I have not seen yet due to COVID, I was proud to be a part of this powerhouse community. I have been inspired again at the importance of the Church leaving the building. I am reminded how important it is for us to bear one another’s burdens and celebrate one another’s joy!

I am delighted that my day started with this meeting.  I needed the reminder of all that is good, even when we have not been together. It is good to be reminded of the power of the community of believers in serving one another.

Maybe your heart isn’t quite ready for inside the Church, that is ok. You are always welcome, and there are more ways to serve a living and loving Savior. Find some dear souls and show up for them. Bring them your goodness in either presence or task and delight in the community of believers. I hope that we can all live together in peace!

Blessed be His name!



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