I am a daily obit reader.

Some of it is because for the last almost 20 years, I have owned a business that serves seniors primarily. But that is only part of the reason.

Another thing that draws me to the obits daily is that I believe that every life has a story. Some obituaries share more of that story than others. When I meet with new clients, they often struggle to tell me what is interesting about them or their journey. But almost every time, if I am reading their obituary sometime after, it is filled with so many fascinating tidbits that we would have loved to know when providing care. I wonder why we share our most exciting information often after we are gone.

I wonder what your obituary would tell others about you? Are there experiences or stories you would want to share with someone while you are living? I believe that my brother’s and my Dad’s obits share about what was important to both of them. I reread these often because even after they are gone, their story matters!

Peter Borgdorff Obit

Len Borgdorff Obit

I find it fascinating to discuss what our obituaries would say about each of us. Talk with those who love you. Share with them today what is unique and memorable that you wish to have recorded. And share your stories freely, long before your last breath!

Your story matters,

Blessed be His name!

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