That beautiful scandeolus night

It has been a week that has rocked my world. On Monday I was planning for a very reflective Holy week and the day started well. And then so much went awry. My Dad had a seizure, and we met up at the Emergency Room. As we waited for some tests, we wondered if it would be a few hours, maybe an overnight admission perhaps? Then the Doc mentions his labs are good, but there is a mass in the brain. Life changed at that moment, and 5 days later we still do not understand precisely how. We are awaiting biopsy results, and today he moved from the hospital to rehab for a few days before coming home.

My admiration and love for my parents have grown significantly this week. Their ability to journey this week with deep faith, peace, and honesty has been poignant I am not sure I have the words that explain the sweetness we have experienced as a family in the difficult spaces. There has been time together, laughter, tears, prayers, and hope.

grateful.pngAnd so this morning as I put on my Grateful — Life is Good shirt I thought twice. Am I grateful in the midst of this week? I did not hesitate long, because I am grateful, even during difficult seasons. I am grateful for the presence of community, the kind words of friends, the power of prayer and the assurance of God’s presence and provision in all things.

One lesson we learned in our home was to never lose perspective to what is happening beyond our immediate reality. It has taken me time to learn to develop the art of holding what is real within my heart and keeping the bigger picture of looking out with a compassionate heart as well.

Tonight this means standing in the sacred space of Good Friday. It wasn’t a typical Good Friday for us. But it is Good Friday and no matter what is swirling in my head and heart, no matter what I fear or worry about, no matter what, on that beautiful scandalous night I/we were delivered and set free.

I will admit, my heart is aching, and my body feels the impact of a life-changing week. And yet,  I am grateful for so much but most of all, on this Easter weekend, I am thankful for that beautiful scandalous night!


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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

4 thoughts on “That beautiful scandeolus night”

  1. Beautifully written, Trish. “One lesson we learned…. Never lose perspective to what is happening beyond our immediate reality,” rings true to the home I grew up in as well. Founded on the Word of God, and the saving work of Jesus, we go forward. We are praying for your dad and the medical team, for your mom and your entire family. And the waiting is hard ……….. and long………… with so many unknowns! I often say, “We can’t go down those rabbit trails, come back to what we know.” Blessings to you!

  2. Beautiful, scandalous words and I too am grateful…for you in my life! Blessed resurrection day🙏

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  3. Thank you for your post Trish. Good reminder. My heart is busy with you guys and you have no idea how I keep thinking of you. Love to you also this Easter, Aunt Margaret.

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