Don’t lose heart and don’t lose touch…

Are you zoom weary or technology tired?

I know that the last 10 months has increased the amount of time we are dependent on technology for work, worship, friendships, and family time. Sometimes I hear people say they look forward to being off from technology as we move into more “normal” times. 

I understand Zoom weary and technology tired, but today I want to highlight how technology is such a gift.

Today my friends, one of whom is at Mary Free Bed, were able to be with their family as they watched a live-streamed funeral for a family member. There was something so tender in helping set them up to be a part of this family event. I left so grateful for Ipads and live stream. 

Image result for 100 candlesToday I had a friend celebrate her 100th birthday with all of her kids via Zoom. There was sadness they were not together, but there was deep gratitude they could “be together” in a different way. 

I received a beautiful email from my friend at Church. We are all still missing each other, but this reminded me that we can combat zoom weary and COVID isolation. 

“I am in a small Zoom group, which I love. We meet at 9:30 on Sunday morning,Image result for communion loaf chat for a bit, watch the service and then get together and chat some more. In fact, one of our members baked bread and dropped off a slice to all of us on Saturday, so our communion service really was from “one loaf.””

I want to encourage us all to be creative and grateful for the ways we can connect. Don’t forget to send an invite and share time with those you love. We may be 10 months in, but we are not done yet, so don’t lose heart and don’t lose touch. 




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