what are you carrying into 2021?

Well, I committed to writing every day this year, but on January 1, I was busy doing nothing, so I missed my strong start. Instead of getting thrown off, I just decided to write my first two on January 2, 2021. At 51 years old, I am learning not to get derailed so quickly and certainly not on day 1! 🙂

I was struck by how many comments have been about the strong desire to close the door on 2020. I want to invite us to consider something different.

I’m not too fond of the idea of leaving something behind. After all, 2020 and all of its happenings are now a part of our story. The pandemic shaped every last one of us, and even that makes 2020 unique and fascinating. When can we ever say that one pivotal event was in all of our lives? And yet, how it shaped us is as individual as every one of us. How COVID impacted us, what it offered us, what or who it took from us is unique and should be embraced, even if it was painful or wearying.

I wonder what 2020 offered you that you want to hang onto? How did you grow? What did you discover about yourself or others? If you had someone watching you and they were now going to write you a one page summary of what they learned by watching you, what might their observations include? Would it be a reflection that makes you proud or one that you would tuck away, hoping not to share?

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I am aware that as prevalent as COVID has been in our world, for some people, COVID was not their primary memory of 2020. For some, it may be that life was altered or enhanced by some other significant event. Have you been curious with others about what they are holding as they walk into 2021?

I hope that we will not close the door on 2020 but stand at the doorway of 2021, aware of what we are holding. Carry everything that has shaped you, softened you, made you wiser, funnier, or lighter with a heart full of gratitude.

If you are coming into the new year with sorrow or heartache, please do not hide that, we need to hear your story.

If you are coming into 2021 with an abundance of joy and an excitement for every morning, please let your joy be contagious.

If you have a heavy heart or a sense of weariness, come into 2021 trusting that there is hope for something different.

If you are coming feeling bitter, angry and resentful, I hope and pray that kindness will come your way in a way that you feel honored and heard.

If you are coming into 2021 with a fear of the unknown and wondering if we will be able to re engage our worlds like we used to, you are not alone. But please don’t live in fear, but live into each day, trusting that just maybe there are surprises in the waiting. And do not lose site of the fact that you have changed in the months of COVID and so as much as we long for our old normal, we live into it with new perspective and understanding that we did not have pre-covid.

I invite you to name what you are holding as this new year begins in the comments below. Your comment does not have to have many words or any context, for there is something to just simply putting words to where we are at. And then, we will live into the unknown of 2021 and see what will unfold for each of us individually and in our lives together.

Blessed Be His Name,


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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

5 thoughts on “what are you carrying into 2021?”

  1. THANKS SO MUCH Trisha, what great thoughts . Linda and I read through your post twice and agreed that it was a blessing for us to read this today as we begin the first week of a new year.
    Blessings to you as you journey life’s path this coming year.

  2. Coming into 2021 holding our first grandchild! Claire Elizabeth Pryor born Oct. 8, 2020 and sporting a middle name that matches her mother’s Rachel Elizabeth (Lubben) Pryor and Oma’s Gloria Elizabeth (Van Til) Lubben, who were named after her great-Oma Ellen (Van Harmelen) Van Til, and great-great-grandma Elizabeth Van Harmelen! This reminder of our extended family and our heritage is such a great reminder of the legacy of faith that was also handed down through the generations. So blessed!

    1. As you were late in posting these thoughts, I am really late in responding, but I must say something …. thank you for the challenge to take what we have/are/learned in 2020 and tell it, sharing it some/whatever way for the benefit of others. We all do have a story and telling it enriches us and those around us. Keep telling your story, Trish — we’re better for it.

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