Two sisters and two podcasts


One of my favorite blogs I wrote about my sister and I was Meet Me at the Gym Door. It is a reflection of how my sister Arlene showed up for me on the playground every day when we were kids.

That was a long time ago now. Today we are both in our 50’s and have our professional lives. We still enjoy time spent together and an afternoon with nothing planned. I admire Arlene and her passion and commitment as a Nursing professional, but even more specifically as a Hospice Nurse. She is first and foremost committed to the care of the patient and their family. Her commitment does not stop there; the education of the medical community and community at large is a passion as well. I sincerely appreciate her daily work and emotional investment. It has been a privilege to witness how Arlene’s expertise brings comfort in so many ways. I listened to a recent podcast in which she was a guest. A lot has changed since we met every day at the gym door. And in some ways, so much is the same. Perhaps we are just more of ourselves.

Shortly after Arlene’s podcast came out, I was also a guest on a podcast. I wanted to share them both with you. We are two very different sisters with similar passions, strong convictions, and personalities. I also believe that our jobs are more than just jobs; they are genuinely our callings. I trust you will hear some of that in the podcasts. I hope you enjoy them, and if you wish to dialogue about Hospice or Visiting Angels of West Michigan, both Arlene DeKam, RN, BSN, CHPN, and I remain available to you.

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