Oh how I will miss you…

Today I lost my Dad.

It feels really odd that it was only today. 2 am seems like so very long ago. So much has happened today and so many very kind people have shared words of comfort. The stories I read of my Dad’s impact around the world are inspiring and I find myself longing to ask him more about each name or face or experience you all shared.

I will never forget when my Dad’s cousin Joke said it looked as if I had walked right out of my Dad’s mouth. We had so many similarities and also our very unique differences. I find that my heart aches for the spaces I long to continue to learn from him. In the last 5 years he taught me to play golf and I feel as if I just recently began to hold my own and understand what club hits how far and what strategy is needed when hitting out of a variety of spaces. I will miss my golfing partner.

Your words have been such a gift and it has only been one day. My Dad’s death came as a surprise in some ways and my system feels like it knows it is real but my processing has to come up to speed. It is good to be with my family as we remember, weep, laugh, share meals and remember Papa in so many ways.

We are planning a private family committal service, a visitation and a memorial service. We are learning of friends who will fly in to share with us in the celebration of his life. We feel the closeness of those who live in our neighborhoods and are a part of the day to day life we carry out.

We are aware that he lived well, and how we would have liked him longer. We are aware he left such an impact in our world, and how we would’ve liked for his impact to continue. We feel that deep sadness, and we are aware of the gratitude that mingles with the sadness in almost every moment.

I lost my dad today, I am deeply grateful for his life. I will miss him, and I will live as he modeled: One day at a time!

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8 thoughts on “Oh how I will miss you…”

  1. Trish – This is a beautiful tribute to your Papa. We love you and we grieve with you and we rejoice with you. God be with you, dear friend.

  2. Yes, you are your dad’s daughter and his legacy lives on through you and your family in some very special ways. Celebrate the wonderful memories and the love you shared together, especially in these last years. And know that a very large crowd of witnesses is walking with you on this difficult but enriching journey.

  3. Your words honor the goodness of your dad’s life. Today you lost your dad…you will carry this day in your heart forever…you will hold that place in your heart as one reserved by God for you only. I lost my dad 21 years ago…I remember every detail of that day. You will, too! Consider it a gift to know that your dad is alive in your heart. Only God can bestow such a glorious gift💗MJ


  5. My heart hurts for you, Trish – death is such a final good-bye! Will continue praying for peace for your wonderful, extended famaily!

  6. Trish my heart breaks for you and your family. God has an amazing angel with him and he will be with you in your heart and soul forever.

  7. Thank you for sharing what you hold in your heart. Your father was a genuine and authentic man who freely gave love to others. That is one reason it hurts so much that he is not physically present. Trish, I am constantly amazed at the gifts and the love you have for others. You have learned and accepted so much from your dad. He continues to live on through you in so many ways. Blessings, Lori “What we once enjoyed and deeply loved we can never lose, For all that we love deeply becomes a part of us.” Helen Keller

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  8. Trish – I have many memories of your Dad during the “Bethany years” – one of the memories that should bring a smile to your face – when you kids hid a goldfish in his drinking glass on the pulpit – only a few of us were privy to that. My kids were so attentive during that service. He discovered it and included it in his Sermon! Sending our love to your family.

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