Love that entrepreneurial spirit….

I have been posting a fair bit on FB lately about the difficulty we have in getting applicants in the door in this past 6 months. It is a new challenge in my 13 years of owning a business. I often find myself wondering how this employment stuff will all shake out for my growing nieces and nephews.

I am so very thankful for the bunch of kids that I have been blessed to be an aunt to. I love them individually and I love them as a group. They are best of friends, thoughtful, goofy, loud, prayerful, thoughtful….

me and my kiddo's

But now back to the job thing….

Today Jean Marc detailed my car. At almost 13 that boy is amazing. He went about it systematically in clearing it out, wiping it down, vacuuming, sudsy water, drying it, dusting it…. I was proud of the way he went about the task. I was proud of the way he completed the task.I was proud of how he enjoyed the task. We talked about how he could do this for a source of income and he was eager to engage that.

Johanna was talking on the way home tonight, not having been with Jean Marc and I at all when discussing the car detailing, and she asked what I thought of a hot chocolate stand. She pontificated for quite some time about how in the summer she has a way to make money but she is trying to think of a way in the winter. The big kids joined in and they discussed a thermos system or other means of ensuring the product you are selling is warm. I was struck again by the entrepreneurial spirit….

And then tonight I got an alert on Facebook and this is what it said….

From the page Liv, with love (

liv, with love.jpgdear people I love,

I’ve decided to try my hand (literally) at making cards. I’ve made an assortment of everyday cards, and plan on transitioning into ones to celebrate the upcoming holidays also! Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas cards, bad puns, off color humor, or just because cards can be personalized by request. I will be selling the cards at $3.50 per card (envelope included) or bundles of 5 for $15.

Contact me on Facebook with questions, inquiries and orders!

With love, Liv

And so the conversations today were with my 7 year old niece, my almost 13 year old nephew and my 20 year old niece. In normal every day happenings, they all are exploring their entrepreneurial spirit. I am proud of them and love how they are risking and living into spaces that they feel led to be.

If you are inclined to order a pack of cards, I invite you to support Olivia and check out her page. She will be posting her many styles of creativity in the coming days and I am sure you will find a card style that suits you well.

I find that as I went into the day with the thought of employment and the struggles that surround that in our community, I must say that I am ending the day believing that my nieces and nephews will be just fine. That is a good feeling to end the day with!

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