So much of our story…

I love this picture….

It represents so much of our family story.

There is the Friesian flag that represents the roots of my Mom. It is the land in which she was born into and the land shIMG_8898e left as a 10 year old girl when her parents immigrated to Sussex New Jersey. For those of you who know a Friesian you understand that there is something about those Friesians. This land will always have a piece of my Mom’s heart. We loved being there together in the spring of 2016.

These two boys are awesome. They are the sons of my oldest brother and my youngest sister. They are a reminder to me of the goodness of God’s gift of family.

Jean Marc and Sonta joined our family 11 years ago and this picture is evident of God’s plan to in intertwine our hearts with Haiti. We find our hearts grateful to a Haitian couple we do not know. Adoption has changed us, shaped us and enlarged our family in wonderful ways.

Isaiah is wearing his Navy sweatshirt. A sweatshirt that speaks to the legacy of Navy in the service of Len, Nick and now Andrew who is at Annapolis Naval Academy. As Isaiah proudly dons his Navy Sweatshirt and as Jean Marc reminds me of God’s provision for our family, they both remind me of Len and how our lives have changed since the car accident that took his life in 2012.

This picture invites me to many places in my heart.

This picture represents the past, present and future.

This picture speaks to God’s plan, presence and provision for us in so many ways.

I wonder if you went and sifted through some of your pictures what picture might be the one that reminds you of elements of your story. I wish I could come over and see and hear your remembering. Give it a try, it is fun and good for your soul.

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