Double Digits is a big deal

Especially when your double digits are a 1 and a 0. Happy Happy 10th birthday to my amazing nephew Isaiah Edward Bos.

Isaiah is athletic, smart, a whiz with numbers and he remembers facts about almost anything. Isaiah can tell you the names of streets I have driven for 30 years and still don’t know and license numbers of family vehicles. What I have learned about this amazing kid is how observant he is in his day to day. Although this is amazing and fun, what I love most about Isaiah is his kind heart and incredibly compassionate ways. He is a prayer warrior and aware of the needs of those around him. He is a good and loyal friend, he is thoughtful and growing in confidence. I am so honored to be his Aunt and I marvel at God’s design of his mind, body and soul. I can’t find just one favorite, so I will share with you a collage of some photo’s that just by looking at, you will get a feel for this double digit wonder. I love you Isaiah. Have a great time being 10.




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