On this day…

I am enjoying a beautiful day in Atlanta today. This evening we will begin a Journey event through Open Hearts Ministry. I am here with a community of people that I enjoy like my family. It is comfortable and wonderful. And yet there is something that is much more exciting about today….

On this day, 16 years ago, we celebrated the birth of Ellie Grace Dekam.












16 years ago is so hard to imagine. And yet as I think of sweet Ellie, I can picture her over the years. Her innocence, her smile, her laughter, her desire to serve, her sense of adventure, her love of horses, her growing faith, her interest in travel.


Ellie is growing up each day right before my eyes. I may be in Atlanta with people I enjoy but I wish IMG_2399I was with Ellie, giving her a big birthday hug and letting her know how much I love her.

I am grateful God allowed me to be an Aunt to Ellie Grace. My life is richer, my heart is fuller and the time we spend together is always fun.

I love you Ellie…IMG_3576

I am proud of the person you are….

I hope your 16th year brings you great joy, some adventure, many sweet moments and lots of laughter and love.





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