Baby it’s cold outside…

I am fortunate to have friends who live all around the world. It is not uncommon at some  point to compare weather patterns. I often hear what is most longed for or most missed for those who left West Michigan is the change of seasons.


I thought of that this morning as I ventured out to the cold. I thought of those who live in warm climates and wonder what they miss about winter? And on this cold and icy morning I remembered the beauty of winter when the sun shines on the white snow or when the snow falls in such a soft and peaceful fashion. I considered the smells of spring, the heat of summer and the crunching leaves in the fall. I thought of the days when summer felt to hot or spring felt to wet or like this morning, when winter felt to cold.

Then I choose to shift my thinking and marvel at the miracle of seasons. To remember that I live in a region where the seasons change and there is beauty with each one. Not only within each season, but the days that lead to the coming of seasons and the assurance that a new season is just around the corner.

I am learning about framing my thoughts and finding the beauty in every moment. I wonder if you are able to find beauty in moments when your feeling discouraged or weary. I believe this world will be a better place when we become people who appreciate the beauty that surrounds us, even on days when the beauty seems hard to find.

I have no plans to move out of West Michigan.  May I never lose my appreciation and delight in the amazing wonder of changing seasons.



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