Pictures tell a story….

I am sitting in my house looking at a family picture. It is a picture of my original family taken in October of 2011. My brother died 3 months later. The picture hangs on my wall and is one that makes me smile. I am so grateful we have that shot. origianl familyI love pictures. For me they capture a moment and tell a story. I have 1000’s of pictures and that does not overwhelm me, but it makes me happy. I look at my pictures from the past year and I am reminded of the places where we gathered, where we celebrated, where we rested and where we ventured into new experiences.

If you have been with me at a gathering I am often saying put your heads together. I don’t like everything posed, but I love eyes and smiles. I prefer close ups and every picture must have a person in it. I will often scroll pictures and be reminded of faces of friends and family who I care deeply for.

And so for the coming year I plan to take alot of pictures. Pictures that remind me of the sweetness of life and the moments that fill it. I have pictures of people I used to be closer with. These pictures remind me that seasons  change, but they do not have to be forgotten. I have such fun looking back at my nieces and nephews and how they have changed over the years. Pictures remind me of God’s provision and protection in so many ways.

I invite you to join me this year. Take pictures, share pictures, print pictures, hang pictures……

Pictures tell a story.

A story worth telling!

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