Travel well and live the adventure…

I am sitting in row 32 with two empty seats next to me. I am watching a map which shows our real time location  I see we have 5 hours and 58 minutes till arrival. I am on wi fi and in awe of the amazing privelage i have to travel. 

 Well, i wanted to show you a picture of the map but high in the sky wifi has its limitations. After trying to load while i slept, we now are arriving in 511 miles.  

 Travel has been in my blood since i was a child. My parents both immigrated and learned at a young age that it is a big world. As we grew up we took road trips and I am grateful for the exposure and opportunity we had to leave home and explore. My brothers both served in the Navy and one settled in Scotland for a season. Traveling to visit people has been an important part of my life. 

In college i studied in the Netherlands for an Interim and during grad school I studied in Prague. I have participated in mission work in Czechoslovakia, Romania, Russia and China. And yet i still feel awe struck as i sit on this plane that will deliver me to London. Even more amazing is I am going to visit “the next ” generation who is also experiencing that the world is a big place and it can bring a deep richness to experience new places. 

I am aware how fortunate i am and i feel such gratitude to be able to experience this trip with my Mom to visit my nieces. I am aware how travel has changed, both in very progressive ways and in some frightening ways. I am aware that in the rows that surround are people of many cultures each with a story. I am aware that their is such excitement in leaving and always a yearning to return home. I am aware that whenever i fly since my brother died i wonder more about heaven. Travel awakens so much in my soul. I am aware of the stories of where i come from and where i am going. Perhaps it resonates deep within that on so many levels Life is a Journey. So regardless if you travel by planes, trains or automobiles, in your home town or a foreign land,  alone or in the company of others, travel well and enjoy the adventure. 

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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