Celebrating Andrew John…

andrew johnHow can it be that you are already 17….

I love looking at the pictures and remembering the years that have changed you.

But some things have stayed very much the same.

You are an athlete….

Always have been and I guess you always will be. But more than your athletic skill, you have demonstrated that you are committed toandrew the athlete becoming the best you can be. I have seen this in your commitment to hard work, the discipline to do what it takes to offer your best and the grace and courage with which you win and lose. You are exemplary in your leadership and teamwork.

You are a scholar….

I admire your commitment to do well in school. This is less about grades to me and more about how you set the bar high and set your behaviors to achieve your goals. For many ranking high in your class may be sufficient. I love to tell others that you are striving to achieve excellence in your academics, in hopes that it may graduate you top of your class. You are knowledgeable and articulate and I am so proud of your academic achievements and attitudes.

beppe and andrewYou are kind and considerate…

And perhaps this is why I enjoy talking with you, watching you in your athletics and with your friends and family. I believe this is what makes you successful as a leader and a team member. These traits make you easy to be with and delightful to converse with. You are well-loved as a son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin andandrew graduation friend. I love how you enjoy family and engage your cousins no matter their age. Andrew John, you have integrity, character. maturity, playfulness and compassion. You my nephew will succeed because of who you are. I am a very proud aunt of my 17-year-old nephew. Thank you Andrew for being you. Cause YOU make this world a better place!  I am so thankful God selected me to be your Aunt. My life is better for it! Love Aunt Trish

cousins IMG_5982 me and my kiddo'scrazy cousins


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