First time for everything….

Tonight is a first…

Not the first time I wrote a birthday blog (as you all know)

But the first time I wrote to my niece’s fiance who I now full embrace as my nephew….

matt as a kid 073Matthew George Cole (as the wedding invitation reads) will marry my oldest niece in just a few weeks.

And today he celebrates his 22nd birthday…(and i have lots of pictures since I am in charge of the wedding video)

I am so grateful for the opportunity to get to know him over the last year….

He has lived in my home and stepped up often to help. He likes to cook, cleans up after himself (mostly) and has an eye for what needs to be done and doing it!

I am so grateful for his kind and considerate ways in all of his interactions….

He is a conversationalist and asks good questions. He is interested, curious and eager to share about all his day held as well….

I am so grateful for his faith and foundation to serve God and God’s people…

He has served people in Africa and England and many other lands, but he also serves family and friends in his daily walk….

I am delighted to be adding another nephew to the clan….(top row of picture, far left)me and my kiddo's

Matt knows I enjoy him and am thankful for his love and care for Janneke…

Matt knows I believe in him AND will be here to support him in anything he needs…

Matt knows he has joined a big family who hangs out alot together. We laugh together and we cry together and we don’t keep secrets very well….

He knows those things and loves us anyway!

741And so Matthew George, on this your 22nd birthday, I pray your coming year will hold many moments of awesome wonder as you see how God has provided for you in this new season of marriage and life with us all in the United States. It is evident to me that God is preparing the way for you as you and Janneke commit to one another and seek to serve His Kingdom. Thank you for inviting me into your lives and allowing me to enjoy the journey alongside the soon to be Cole couple…..

I love you and can’t wait to watch celebrate all this 22nd year will hold!

♥ Aunt Trish




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