The gap gets smaller…

There is something I often say about being single….

It seems that very little ages me….

By that I mean that I don’t have kids who mark my years by their age and growth, nor do I stand somewhat shocked that I could almost be old enough to approach a grand parenting season….

And so the only thing that really catches me off guard is how the gap continues to get smaller in the age difference between my nieces and nephews and myself….

Today it seems that Ryan is closing the gap and becoming more adult every day….

I spent this past Monday with Ryan and as always, he made me laugh with his subtle and very funny ways….

Ryan and cousinsI am often awed by his kindness towards his younger cousins and the kindness in his invitation that they come hang out with him and his friends. Somehow this makes a very unique 15-year-old in my book….

Ryan James, I love that you are growing up and I am delighted with each moment I can spend with you….

It matters not to me if you win or lose your sporting events or ace or fail your tests….


I don’t have to worry about the minutes on your phone or your weekend curfew…

I am privileged and honored to be your aunt….

Your Aunt who wants you to experience all the desires of your heart and see all your dreams come true….

Your Aunt who wants you to give life your all and fully believes that your all will get you to good places….

I love you Ryan James and hope that being 15 will bring you wonderful moments with family and friends, at home and at school, on the football field and the wrestling mat, and in the alone spaces you keep!

You are amazing and wonderful and I am sure that my love for you will never run out….

Happy 15th,

Love Aunt Trish


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