Selling subs…

I have been remembering fun times with my brothers growing up….

They were avid baseball fans, sure Detroit Tigers some day in the eyes of this sister..

Len and Nick both played for Grand Rapids Christian Eagles and I loved being around them and their teammates…

ham and cheese subEach year they would come home with the announcement that they were selling subs for a fundraiser….

Arlene and I got right down to business and started calling through the church directory.

We were determined to help Len and Nick be high sellers….

Each year we were known and razzed for selling so many subs….

It was an invitation to engage in our big brother’s world….

Today I am committed to raise money for my big brother’s memorial fund…

We are all walking in The Grand Rapids River Bank Run on May 11 in Len’s memory….

I am not going through a directory or eagerly making calls…

But I am extending an invitation to participate in keeping Len’s memory alive by sponsoring us on our walk (or run)

If you are willing to contribute, please follow the link below and learn how your gift will be used to bless the children at God’s Littlest Angels in Haiti….

Len Borgdorff Memorial Fund

I would rather be selling subs…..

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One thought on “Selling subs…”

  1. Trish, that is really cool how you set that up. And I wish you were selling subs, too, but this is a wonderful way to remember Len and how important he was in our lives.

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