Last night some very dear friends called to see if I was home….

They came by with a beautiful small gift to honor Len’s life…

Their attached note read:

Please accept this small gift in remembrance of Len. Sunshine

We knew Len all of his life and enjoyed his company often.

We shared your love for Len and admired his unique personality.

He clearly had a gift to make all around him feel accepted and at ease.

Much Love,

Sue and Bill

I was reminded how tender my heart is and how kind it feels to remember Len together…..

I am thankful for people in my life who remember with me….

I want to encourage you to remember those who have died when speaking to their friends or family….

Remember them by name and speak of the shared laughter, the joy, fun, the memories…

Remember that tears shed while remembering are often good and don’t let them stop the remembering…

Remembering is a very kind thing to offer….


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