To Be Certain of the Dawn….

Tonight I was touched deeply while observing To Be Certain of the Dawn at the Grand Rapids Symphony….

There was power in the symphony instruments that often set the tone,

There was power in the words of the adult voices that sang  “Jews may not attend school, Jews may not dream and Jews may not imagine….”

There was power in the Youth Symphony which has voices of children singing songs of hope…

There was power in the silence….

There was power in the very long applause that honored the work of many….

I was left with words of survivors…

“Why did I survive? the Rabbi said: “God kept you on earth to tell the story.” Henry Oertelit

“I have lived in a world with no children…I would never live in a world of no children again.” Hindu Kibort

“This is the task: in the darkest night to be certain of the dawn, certain of the power to turn a curse into a blessing, agony into song…” Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel



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