Family Picture Day….

It is still dark and I hear the rain and my first thought is, it’s family picture day….

We have only had a few of these over the years but it has definitely gotten more complicated to get everyone together from those first days until now….

I am grateful we have a plan B to our outdoor venue and I am thankful that regardless of the weather, our crew will be photographed…

We have come along way. I believe this pictures could go in the awkward family photos of the Church Directory file….

We often reference the saying….”All because two people fell in love”….

we have grown from this bunch to this one…

We are taking pictures today somewhat in part to my Mom’s 70th birthday last Sunday…somewhat in part of my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary this August…somewhat in part of our desire to capture the moment and take a snapshot of God’s goodness and creativity in putting this bunch of people together….

Today will have wonderful moments of laughter and celebration and for that I am thankful…

Today will unfold rain or shine and pictures will be captured and for that I am thankful…

Today will remind us that this delightful bunch of children laugh more than they cry, participate more than they observe and all have fully learned to join in a celebration and for that I am deeply thankful….

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life!  ~Albert Einstein




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