Celebration of life…

I would guess we almost all know someone…

Someone who is battling cancer….

Cancer is prevalent and changes life in so many ways….

Tonight we celebrated my Aunt Anita’s  77th birthday. She has had been battling some form of cancer since 2004….

This is the summary on her care page…Anita has journeyed the road of cancer before. Diagnosed in 2004 with breast cancer, Bob and Anita understand the importance of family and friends and fully rely on God’s provision and plan to be worked out in their lives. Today (September 13, 2011), Anita learned of a new primary cancer diagnosis….

Since that day in September she has had chemo and radiation in her system every week until just a few weeks ago….

Since that day in September we have seen prayers answered and hope renewed…

Since that day in September we have learned yet again what it means to trust God fully with our every breath….

And so tonight, as we gathered to celebrate Aunt Anita’s 77th birthday, we have a deep appreciation for each and every day….

I believe these pictures will show you that there is so much love and life in this 77-year-old ladies heart and soul!

Happy Birthday Aunt Anita…we are thankful and celebrate every day with you!

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