Childhood memories….

I wonder if you have a favorite picture from childhood?

I never really paid much attention to that, but over the last few years, find myself much more admiring of my early pictures.

I find it very intriguing that I struck the same poses in pictures taken when I was six months old as I did in my senior pictures.

I am not a big believer of the whole child within movement, but I am finding it more fun and freeing to be curious about the child I was. I am curious about my strengths, struggles, joys, spontaneity and my reservations. I am having fun remembering more about what made me laugh, what made me cry, what made me giddy, what made me shy….I am having fun remembering how my brothers would cover themselves with a big brown blanket and be a double horse for my sister and I. I remember the fancy formal dinner in the middle of the week when we learned my Mom was pregnant with my younger sister. I remember singing hymns at night with Arlene (extra loud when we knew our parents had company) and I think we fell asleep every night with a no more talking contest. (no wonder we are competitive!)

Last night I posted a few pics on Facebook. My five-year old picture and a picture from last week happened to stack on top of each other. I found it so amusing to see how my hair seemed to lay very similar and my eye’s squint in the very same fashion. I have a bigger nose and some orthodontic work has aided in my bite, but so fun to see that many of my traits today were evident way back then (37 years ago)

I wonder if you have taken time lately to pull out a few of your childhood pictures….

What do you notice….

What do you remember…

What makes you curious….

Take some time and marvel that although the years change many things, there are somethings about us that are unchangeable!

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