What if I won mega million….

I find all the media and conversation about the lotto quite fascinating.

I will admit that this morning I was annoyed by all the talk and focus on this crazy amount of money!

Tonight I feel differently. I will admit that my niece Anneliese and I opted to buy in with a few dollars, but that is not what changed my thinking…

What has changed my mindset tonight was the great conversation that Anne and I had talking about what if we won…

The conversation isn’t grandiose and crazy talk…it is great conversation, rooted in developing values and faith-based convictions and vision.

Anne is sharing about what she is learning in school and in life, talking about her commitment to live debt free and the importance of mutual funds. She is aware of interest rates and making wise decisions which allow her to save for her retirement, as early as her early 20’s.

I love the conversation I shared with Anne tonight. I loved hearing how if she won the money she would fulfill her dream, she has held as a very young girl, to own a horse. But from there on out, her spirit was generous in giving and sharing, investing and saving. She is wise beyond her 16 years and her heart is full of ‘God’s goodness and grace….I am very proud to be her aunt.

If we win the mega million tonight, our lives will be different, but our faith and values remain. (we agreed we will split the winnings!)

We are not planning on winning but the conversation was fun, enlightening and reminded us of the importance of our convictions and purpose.

I am thankful for the moments that Anne and I shared while out and about tonight. It is not the 640 million that gives me passion and energy…it is the maturity and wisdom of those I love….and tonight especially Anneliese Joyce!

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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