Create a void and live well…

Yesterday and today I found myself in conversations where I was promoting the idea of creating a void….

Sometimes it feels like just yesterday when I believed that it was my direct call of God to fill every void I encountered. I actually used to fill not only the voids I encountered in my life but also voids I thought I could fill in your life. I would step in and step up at any and every opportunity to demonstrate my commitment, my capability, or prove to you (or myself) my worth.

When I realized this error of my belief and thinking….

when I was willing to create a void (or let a void remain open for someone else to respond to the true call of God)

I found space in my life….

Space in my life has allowed me to experience what it felt like to be content

Space in my life has allowed me to create space in my life for people who are important to me….

Space in my life has allowed me to understand and experience my full range of emotions….

Space in my life has allowed me to pursue my own wellness, of mind, body and soul!

I am thankful for a new understanding in my heart about what it means to live well…

Living well doesn’t mean every moment of my life is busy serving God and others…

Living well doesn’t mean I should offer something to every need I see….

Living well invites me to trust God and others, to offer my heart, my voice, and my skills with intentional decision and discernment….

Living well is to live with a heart of joy and a deep sense of peace….during the sunshine and the storms!

Are there any places you are simply filling a void….consider creating some space and Live Well!


Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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