Two big words…

I enjoyed the last six days with my nieces and nephews. I am known to say part of the beauty of being  an aunt is I can honestly say, I love to see them come and I love to see them go….after a string of days, it is also nice to have my space back and listen to my own choice of tune’s on the radio. I smile as each of my TV’s are on Disney channel, that my DVD player plays hairspray and there are popcorn kernels in the strangest places. (That may be because of the kids or Dutch)

And so, these last days held many memorable moments….but I will say that there are two words that feel very sweet to me tonight as I reflect on this latest stay….


I came home from driving kids back to Detroit and read this message….thank you again for driving us so much & just for making this weekend work for us. I had a great time, I love you ♥

Thank you are two big words…I commit to using them more often. I experienced their power today and I am filled with gratitude for the children in my life who understand the blessing these words bring!  I hope you also get to experience the joy of someone thanking you and blessing someone with these simple two words…

Living Thankful….

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