Curiosity creates conversation…

Today I was witnessed the wonderful impact of curiosity.

I was reminded how when questions are asked, conversation is created….

As I engaged in some of this conversation and listened in on the rest, I was thinking about what a good reminder it is as we move into a few weeks of holiday gatherings. I would guess that most, if not all, of you will have times of conversation with family and friends. I invite you to enter into these conversations with questions of curiosity, inviting someone else to share something you don’t already know. There is an art to curiosity and I believe it takes practice, but as we all know, practice makes perfect, and I can think of nothing better to be moving towards perfection, than curiosity in others.

And, it is a fun fact that the one who modeled this today, all day long, is my sweet five-year old nephew Isaiah. It was in questions like Beppe (Frisian for Grandma), do you remember any dutch words you can teach me?”, “Aunt Trish, can you tell me about your Christmas tree” and Isaiah asking his cousin, “what is it like to be a teenager?”

And so, dream of some conversation starters that model curiosity and invite stories to be told….Enjoy!

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