Facebook does it again….

Brace yourself and stay positive. Facebook changes are coming in the next few days and I anticipate, once again, people will find lots of reasons to complain. If you want to explore this change and educate yourself, visit https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline. I went ahead and upgraded my profile page by following the enclosed link. Somehow it works better for me to make the change, as opposed  to it updating for me.

I find it interesting and perhaps strategic that Facebook makes the changes around the holidays. Perhaps people will be more occupied with people and less occupied with Facebook on their computers and phones. I invite you to check out the change. Educate yourself the best you can and prepare for what is to come. Remind yourself that Facebook is free and optional. If you find that your frustration is taking energy from you, I would recommend you walk away and invest your energy into something that really matters! Breathe deep and enjoy the journey, even if you don’t appreciate the scenery right away!

I often tell myself that the day Facebook becomes more of a headache for me than the simple joys it brings, I will walk away. Until then, I will roll with the changes and stay positive!




Author: trishborgdorff

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