Precious moments…

I had a fun day. It wasn’t so much about touring around St. Albans, England, although that was wonderful as well. It is more about being with the people I am with. I find myself very blessed to be traveling with my parents and my Aunt Dot. And of course coming to visit my oldest niece is nothing but delightful. Today we walked and talked and shopped and laughed. The last few days have held much of that.

I am very aware that many people I hold close to my heart don’t have this opportunity. It may be that illness or death has robbed them of time with their parents or siblings. It may be that finances don’t allow for the free time to live as I am able, it may be that strained relationships or unresolved conflict stand in the way of laughter, conversation and adventure.

In the past weeks I have been reflecting on those I know whose lives are changed in an instant. A high school classmates who lost his wife suddenly, a friend whose son is enduring chemo as cancer continues to grow in his young body, the words of a Dr spoken saying life will never be the same. I am not sure what tomorrow holds, but I know that each moment I am able to live healthy and live well, both for myself and with those I enjoy and love, I am grateful.

I hope that you are able to celebrate moments in your life that bring your heart much joy this Christmas season. I have had seasons in my life where my heart has not always felt so full and I understand that holidays can also make one’s heart ache deeply. I pray that I will live with a grateful heart and with an awareness of how to enter into the feelings of others who surround me!

Ending my day with a tired body and very content heart!

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