Not one but two….

I am very fortunate to have not one but two work out buddies….

My Mom has been and continues to be an excellent friend, encouragement and work out partner. We are training to some day run a 5k although she, at age 69 is currently more of a runner than I. She will venture to the gym with me at any time of day or evening, but has shared that morning workouts are not her favorite.  She often reminds me of how far I have come and also reminds me to love myself for where I am at. I love the time we share together and all the conversing that happens while we walk or bike or ellipt (on the elliptical)….and I am most excited about the bike trip we hope to take in May somewhere in Europe….

Tonight I had the wonderful opportunity to visit with Shiloh. Shiloh is the new daughter of my friends Deb and John. I have known Deb and John for years and assisted them in the adoption of their daughter from China. They have a wonderful family of Jacob, Hope, Matthew, Caleb and Shiloh. Shiloh weighed in this week at 3.3 pounds and we marvel at every ounce on her perfectly formed body. Deb and I are less impressed with every ounce on our own bodies. To that end, we agreed to hit the Kroc Center every morning at 545 am. Deb lives a street or two over so we will ride together, work out together and delight in the moments, shared and celebrate every ounce we shed. We welcome anyone who wants to join us.

I am keenly aware that on this journey to wellness, I need accountability partners. I have come a long way AND I have a ways to go to arrive at my goal weight and wellness desires. I am thankful for people who will journey with me. I have a wonderful community of support. I wonder if you have invited people to join you where you may need an accountability partner. I do believe deep in my soul that we are created for relationship and to invite another into your journey, especially a place where support is needed, is very honoring to everyone involved.

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