What I love about Noah….

Dear Noah,

Happy Happy Birthday to my nephew who is full of wonder, life and energy! 

I love how you are willing to live life fully….

I love your wild sense of adventure and reckless abandon….

I love your determination to give 150% to whatever you are involved in…

I love your sensitive and kind heart to those around you…

I love your commitment to being you!

I love your ability to move and dance….

I love how your mind is full of fun facts, sports facts and amazing tidbits of info….

I love how you take all those bits of info and create wonderful conversations…

I love how you are loved and enjoyed by your friends, family and cousins!

I love how you are a protector of your sisters and a wonderful brother to your brother…

I love your smile, your eyes, your laugh, your humor, your passion, your excellence and your heart! In one simple statement ~ I love you!

Happy Birthday Noah….hoping this year is wild and wonderful in every way!

All my love,

Aunt Trish

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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