Dutch’s first squirrel….

My puppy is almost three years old and today she caught her first squirrel. She was pretty proud and I was pretty freaked out.

I wasn’t sure how to distract her from her prized possession and she was adamant she wanted to bring it in the house.

I finally got Dutch in the house, without the squirrel and then I, in my foolish state, locked the slider and told Dutch she wasn’t going out there again until the squirrel was gone. I was unsure of what I was going to do to make this happen.

Tonight I am very thankful for my neighbor who sent me the following message:

Squirrel is disposed of. Double bagged and in your garbage. I don’t think it will smell too bad with the cool temps.

One day a few years back, Dutch was skunked and still today, every morning when she goes out in the dark, I take a deep sniff to ensure she has not encountered this dreaded animal.

Now, with my back yard being like a squirrel playground, I will likely look to ensure there is no tail hanging out the side of her mouth as she grins at me.

I am thankful tonight for wonderful neighbors who help me through this difficult experiences of dog ownership. I would like to think I might grow in bravery, but I believe I would rather grow in fondness of Jason and Erin. You guys are the best!

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