Just some flaws….

I love to watch how God is taking root in my the hearts of my nieces and nephews. I see it differently in each of them and it is less in what they know or commit to memory and more in how they make their decisions and what shapes their character.

Tonight my creative and fun-loving niece Olivia Grace posted this and I wondered where she had picked it up. I found out it is an original piece. I marvel at the balance she has in her recognition of her sin (her depravity) and the confidence she has in beauty of God’s grace. I believe that this balance of depravity and dignity allows her to live in a very free-spirited fashion! I love you so much Olivia Grace….

With her permission I share this with you tonight. I invite you to consider the list of your flaws and ask you to consider making a list and then marvel at the freedom you have to write the same words over top if you have entrusted your heart and life to Jesus…

just some flaws :
i put people down
i judge people
i laugh at mean jokes
i give dirty glances
i complain
im selfish 
im rude
i discourage
i don’t put god first 100% of the time
i don’t have christ like motives
i want things my way
i look to boys for attention
im not humble
i fear
i don’t have faith
i don’t love
im not kind or compassionate
i don’t look at the bigger picture
i don’t look thru others eyes
im spoiled
im ungrateful
im ignorant

I’m Saved ♥

And if you haven’t….consider what it might be light to journey there….it is a journey I am very glad to have taken!


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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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