Oh to be 10….

I have had the wonderful opportunity today to assist at Caili’s 10th birthday party!

Caili came to live with my dear friend Cathy just over four years ago.

I have been amazed to watch Caili adapt and adjust, grow, develop, learn and mature over these last years. Today she is a curious, smart, talkative, compassionate 10 year old.

She has learned about having a mother, living in a family, having friends, learning English, mastered reading, and loves Soccer. She is concerned about others and wonders honestly about her birth mom from time to time.

And so, to watch Caili enjoy her birthday with Sarah, Tessa and Anneke is wonderful. To remember where she has journeyed from and to wonder what God has planned for her future is a thought that often wonders through my thoughts. I am honored to participate in Caili’s celebration and now I must go load up these 9 and 10 year olds for a mystery trip. Cathy and I decided there was no better place to be at midnight than Ihop to celebrate with the girls. 

Ten is a wonderful age. An age when there is a growing awareness of others and a desire to be responsible. But is also an age when moments of sheer laughter and screams can overcome these girls, and in those moments, I sit back and smile. It really is fun!

Happy Happy Birthday Caili Mae. I am thankful you joined my world!

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