Is simple best….

Last week Thursday I bought my new car and sold my old….

I will say there are moments where I have a rush of excitement…

Afterall, my new car is very nice. It has more technology than the first space shuttle and contains 14 computers….so they say.

It is comfortable..

It feels safe….

It is lovely….


Today I met with the dealer sales people to ensure I understood its capacity.

I learned how to talk to it so it would give me the right information back. It doesn’t know GPS, but does understand Navigation. It will ask me questions and I will learn to answer only the question it is asking, without hesitation. If I do just as it wishes, we will get along wonderfully.

But when I was driving there seemed to be a problem with the navigation chip. And then when I stopped and restarted, it could no longer sync with my phone. And then when I tried to talk to it, it didn’t want to listen and acted like it didn’t understand, even when I talked slower and louder!

And then I started to wonder if I really wanted a car with 14 computers and more technology than the space shuttle. I started to think all I really need is four wheels and a steering wheel. I started to envision the car I wish I had selected….(and the bonus is that I would also get my steps in….)

But, my life experience has taught me that this to shall pass and I am pretty sure come winter….Ford will win out over Flintstones….

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