Serenity Prayer….

I have been thinking about the words to the Serenity Prayer today.

I went back to find the definition of serenity or serene. I found this: 1. peaceful or tranquil; calm

A prayer for peace or tranquility or calm….I think I need to remember this prayer more often.

God, grant me the Serenity (peace) to accept the things I can not change….every day I encounter things I can not change. There are small things in my day-to-day and there are big things that affect, our city, state and country. There is so much that I think should be different. I like the idea of being at peace about things I cannot change….

The Courage to change the things I can….oh, to live with courage every day to move into the conversations, relationships or situations that I do have  the ability to influence and the courage to be silent when what I have to say is not honest, positive and/or uplifting…(this is not about choosing silence if you have something that needs to be heard. This is about using discernment about when to speak and when not to!)

And the Wisdom to know the difference….To know when to stand up and speak and when to know that the battle is not mine to take on…..

May we all commit to living at peace and in peace

This is only the most well-known part of the Serenity Prayer….but I think it gives me plenty to reflect on.

May I live out the words of the prayers I bring before God!

Hoping for a serene weekend for you all!



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