I laughed until i cried…

Tonight I enjoyed Western Michigan Christian High School’s performance of Bye Bye Birdie. It was a great performance and was a stage full of very gifted students. I so wish I had a video clip of Janneke’s song. Janneke is my oldest niece. She is graduating this year and spending one year with Youth With a Mission. In the musical, she was a very spirited older mother (Mae Peterson) with a Brooklyn accent who was quick to share with her son how he had broken her heart. Her music and spoken lines were focused on how unappreciated a mother is. It was very funny and so full of personality. It is a time when I beam because I am her aunt and am delighted that she will be in my life forever. Each time she was on stage tonight she was funny and I laughed until I cried. It is good to laugh until you cry. It is good for the soul to laugh until you cry and so as I wrap up today, I can say, my soul is good.

Thank you Janneke for being fully you, for being bold and passionate, for sharing your gifts and your talents!

I hope each of you can remember a time,  not to long ago, when you laughed until you cried.

I hope each of you remember when you beamed, because someone you love dearly, was making you proud.

I hope you can all say today, or some day very soon, that your soul is good!


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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

2 thoughts on “I laughed until i cried…”

  1. I laughed until I cried, I beamed because I was proud, and my soul is good too! Love you, Trish 🙂

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