Celebrating Dutchess…

I have decided to repost a blog I wrote early on when I started blogging. It is lessons learned from Dutchess. As I watch her sleep on the couch next to me, it seems crazy that she and I have spent almost every day together for almost two years. Dutch comes to the office with me and spends more time with me than away from me each day. And so as we celebrated Dutch’s second birthday with pup cakes at the office, I thought this would be a good blog for today…honoring my dog Dutch for the fun animal she is in my life!

I am not one who has always wanted a dog. I really never considered it much. But on the  journey to my heart, I started to realize that I needed to set some goals for myself. Being single, carefree and on my own, it was getting too easy to live without a routine on the weekends. I figured a dog was a perfect answer to aid my desire for structure and routine.  I had three primary goals…to pick up after myself more, to get out of bed at a decent hour on weekends and to go for walks regularly. So with that in mind, I stopped to see these puppies, named one Dutchess, wrote a check and brought her home when she was six weeks old. That was in April of 2009….

I have learned that my dog has far expanded my vision of what she could do for me. I recently said how I long for the days when it was clear in my mind that beds were for people and kennels for dogs. Dutchess has moved into my world with a gentle persistence  and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Dutchess makes coming home more fun. She is ALWAYS” happy to see me.

Dutchess calls out the playful side of me when she ALWAYS brings her ball to my feet and gives me a true crazy grin when we come in from playing fetch!

Dutchess makes cleaning up a food spill so much easier. she is ALWAYS happy to assist.

Dutchess makes walking a mile so much quicker, she pulls me most of the way.

Dutchess knows how to read my moods and adjusts hers accordingly.

Dutchess has shown me that Pavlov really knew what he was talking about.

Dutchess demonstrates she only exposes herself when she is in her safest space!

So, as far as my original goals. Dutchess loves to sleep and will stay in bed until I get up. If I leave her home alone, I come home to any piece of clothing recently worn, gathered on the couch to provide her my scent while she snoozes. (meaning she contributes to my need to pick up more) But, Dutchess has been used to tenderize my heart.She comes to work with me every day and our Visiting Angel’s caregivers look for her often before greeting us!  All I can think as this dog lays at the base of my bed, snoring away, is that my heart is tenderized in way more creative ways than I ever dreamed possible!




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3 thoughts on “Celebrating Dutchess…”

  1. Dogs are the absolute best “therapy” out there. My girls make me smile in the midst of stressful days and, as you said, are always sad to see me leave and greet me when I return as if I was a superstar. They keep my secrets and laugh at my stories.

  2. You’ve also given your neighborhood kids a dog on their schedule! What a dream come true! Playing with her a few times a week without stuffed animals torn apart or mom and dad grumbling about other items chewed up – no neighbor cats drifting inside with our dog – You are such a blessing to our family! Thanks for sharing your loving pup!

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