Car repairs…

are one thing that make me feel very inadequate. I am not sure what happens to the fairly confident 41-year-old woman when I stand in the garage and wonder what I will have to decide. The best solution I have found to this dilemma is to dial-up my Dad. My Dad is a great source of information and support while I converse with mechanics, ask questions and give the A-OK on estimates presented.

And that is where I found myself Monday, facing the questions of how to respond to the repairs needed in light of my faithful Saturn Vue having 209,000 miles. I spoke with my Dad and gave clearance for new O rings and new front brakes.

I went in with an oil leak. I wasn’t sure exactly what was causing it and so the new O rings were a pretty easy fix. Now, I also have a mechanic who is proactive and said since he was in there anyway, he was going to look around. He found (and showed me) how my front brakes were almost completely worn and would very soon be metal on metal. Oddly, I had a sense of appreciation for him in that moment. I appreciated that he took the time to plan ahead, to fix the immediate, to evaluate other risks and to recommend a fix for something before more damage could occur.

I got to thinking…

I want to be proactive this week in my assessment of my thoughts, actions and attitudes to ensure I am functioning at my optimum. I wonder if there are things I should evaluate and tend to before they continue to deteriorate and cause more damage. I am being intentional in my wellness plan (currently down just over 40 pounds) but the scale number is not the only indicator light I need to keep my eye on. I have recently been thinking about how I do quite well when I am eating according to a prescribed meal plan. But I want to really sharpen my self-control and self-discipline in these days as well so my long term success is not about an outlined plan, but a well developed and mature heart, mind and soul!

I find it wonderfully odd and amazing that the trip to the garage this week brought me to this conclusion for the journey to my heart….isn’t life always full of surprises!


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