Defeating the lies I believe…

I am a woman who likes to think and process. I am often listening for the message underneath the words, the meaning in between the lines and the conversation that might fill the silence. Through my involvement with Open Heart Ministries, I have learned about the power of the lies we believe. I have learned that we all have places where we believe  lies which shape our attitudes and behaviors.

The lie I defeated today is that people my size don’t do yoga. Cause I did and was amazed that it isn’t at all like I had created in my thinking. I identified last night, when I committed to going, that I would be facing that lie head on. I went in aware that I needed to replace that lie with some new thoughts.

Now, I would say that I was the biggest in the room size wise, but I began to look at other things. There was a variety of ages and I could tell we were all at different fitness levels. And when I stopped comparing, I noticed that everyone was there to focus on their own journey, and when I did the same, it was quite an enjoyable hour.

Yoga takes much more strength than I had imagined and the flexibility required is definitely an area I can improve in. I was able to do many of the poses and started to learn the language. I enjoyed the experience and the time with my Mom and I look forward to next Saturday again.

In some of my daily thinking, I have thought it would be good to identify one lie a day that I believe and am living from and replace it with a truth statement. Amazing to consider that in 2011 I will name more than 300 lies that have taken root in my heart and mind. I wonder if you might join me in this challenge?

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I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

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  1. Trish, what you say is so true. I fall into the same trap as you. We must ‘take off’ those things we believe about ourselves and ‘put on’ the things that Christ says about us.

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