Welcome to my journey….

The haunting thought of blogging has nagged at my head and heart for a few years. I have started a few and never stayed with it. I am not sure why since I love to write. Writing helps me to sort through my thoughts and it is my hope it will also inspire you to think and wonder and dream and imagine.

I knew pretty quickly what I wanted to call my blog. I have really come to believe that everyday is a journey to my heart. I used to think I would find it and then be free to camp there….in the land of heart. I realize now that everyday I encounter people and conversations that lead me closer or lure me away. I make choices everyday to take a step closer to my heart or to stay right where I am….and even at times I pull up camp and move further away.

I believe that if I choose to continue on my journey, living honestly and faithfully on that journey, I don’t have to spend a lot of energy searching for peace and meaning and purpose. When I am journeying to my heart I am amazingly less concerned about myself and more concerned about others, I am at peace in a way that offers true contentment and I am aware of my dignity and depravity.

When I am journeying to my heart in my day-to-day, I am touched by others and conversations and relationships are enhanced. I am not sure I have the words to explain how it feels to be living on the road that leads to my heart….it is more about experiences….experiences that will comprise the content of this blog….after all it is all about the journey and the experiences along the way!

And so the haunting thought of blogging has been transformed into an invitation to share my story, the chapters of my day-to-day and the important characters who join me on this journey. I hope you come back to check in. I just might have a chapter about you!

Author: trishborgdorff

I am on a life long journey to live with integrity, honesty, kindness and full of grace.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to my journey….”

  1. Great post Trish. After walking out of church on Sunday, I told my husband I don’t like who I am without Christ. (Kind of like always journeying towards your heart with him at the center.)

    Keep blogging!

  2. This could easily be the first chapter of a book that many would love to read and then say: that is what I feel and live. Let’s go on to the next chapter.

  3. Even though we haven’t seen each other for several years now, I love reading your posts (and now your journal). Your thoughts and comments about your life cause me to reflect on my own. I am happy to have had the privilege of knowing you during key times in my own journey.
    ps. You are a very skillful writer!

    1. Kathy, I remember well the times we shared and thank you for your kind words now. I enjoy writing and thanks to technology it can even be somewhat interactive! Fun to follow you on FB as well

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