The gift of the windchime

I will never forget the first time I went to the cemetery to visit my Aunt Sim’s grave. She was buried in the windchime section and there was something so beautiful to that. In the silence of the remembering, there was a gentle lulling sound. I remember in those moments the sound of the windchime allowed my thoughts to reflect while also keeping me anchored in the moment. I am not sure if words can make sense of the feeling, but it was then that I realized the gift of a windchime in the midst of sadness and sorrow.

When my Dad died just over 3 years ago I received the gift of a very soothing windchime that hangs in my backyard. I often hear it in the background and I am reminded of the goodness of my Dad’s presence in my world. When we joined in a family cottage purchase during COVID 19,  I received a gift of windchimes to hang at the lake. The note simply said, “because we know the presence of your Dad and brother in this new space is important.”

If you want to offer a gift to someone in memory of a loved one, consider gifting a windchime. It is a gift that will soothe someone’s soul for many years to come.

Blessed be His name!

Author: trishborgdorff

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